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In my years as a software engineer, I have probably looked at hundreds of codebases. Too many to count. I struggled a lot with understanding where the relevant code is most of the time. Normally, asking for help what I should look for and guidance in tickets will bring me forward. Slowly and surely I will understand what the code is doing. And you will too. Some people are better at this and some people will be slow. No shame. Most code is complex. But I found a simple tool that will make it easier for you. …

I recently had a lot of conversations with my friend about the best technology companies in Berlin. Which company gets you the best career opportunities and which companies have the highest total compensation? I have done a bit of research and with working over 4 years in this city I wanted to summarize my findings. Take all of these listings here with a grain of salt. I will list the different companies by simple categories that will help you to decide what to look for if you want to apply to some companies. …

Recently at work, a tool was discussed that would rate the GitHub profiles of employees and applicants. The tool is probably not ethical to use — that was concluded but a discussion happened around another perspective: Will a good GitHub profile make you a better developer? Let us have a look at this problem and see how you can apply some simple things to pimp your GitHub profile and make yourself more valuable.

GitHub and the job market

GitHub is a platform to host code. But for many people, it is becoming social media. Discover new trends, follow new people, and watch other projects. …

2020 was a weird year. Some awful disease is making its rounds. Humanity, my personal life, and my career have changed dramatically. From defeats to victory, everything included. A summary and an outlook.

How 2020 started

At the start of the year, I was happy. The new year’s party was amazing and I was looking forward to a nice year with an even nicer summer. I was in a long-distance relationship that broke up around that time. Lots of thoughts but my friends were there. Always. Many bar nights and other events. Lots of birthdays, mine included, were around this time. Looking at…

I am writing this post because of the negativity around Hacktoberfest for the past two weeks. I always loved that time of the year, where I could go to GitHub and check repositories that were kind of unmaintained to update some things or try out a new technology that I always wanted to try. That is how I got into Node.js and React, and I thank every maintainer for this. I am always having an awesome time, and this time I wanted to give back.

The Problem with Open Source

Open Source is an ambivalent topic. On one hand, it is a blessing, free software…

Building a real-world application requires a lot of work and a lot of skills other than technology if you want to set up something sustainable. Marketing, Sales, Analytics, and even Accounting are skills needed next to the engineering side to build a real-world application. A real-world application involves a product or app that has some users. But the good news is that you can be a user as well. That should be easy, right? But now the problems arise. What should I build that I will use myself and how to create it? This blog article will set some light…

getworkrecognized experienced a lot of growth during June 2020. Because of the current pandemic, we had a lot more time to improve the tool and make it look more professional.

Terms of Use

We introduced Terms of Use for the application. You can find them by clicking this link. They are mostly required because we introduced a proper subscription system and because of legal liability.

Google Login

One of the most requested features was the Google Login. We worked hard to integrate this login option as well. In the end, it was quite easy to implement though with the google-passport-oauth2 package. We now offer login…

At getworkrecognized, we try to be as open as possible with the development of our platform. You, the customers, should trust us and we want to give back by being open. We will release monthly blog updates about what happened on the platform because Self-Reviews are important.

In May, not as much happened as we would have wanted. But overall, progress was made and we are coming more near and near to bringing the project to a stable version and finally charging customers for using us.

New Leadership Principle Templates

In May we introduced two new Leadership Principle Templates. …

COVID-19 is a deadly virus. It spreads super fast and was/is impacting most of the world. Especially the economy and businesses are affected by it. Larger technology companies like Google, Microsoft are all working remotely. Most probably you find yourself also working from home. If it is a technology job or not, everyone needs to get work done. What we often forget though is to write down what we have achieved. This article should teach you how to do properly, how you will feel more grateful for your work and how you impress your colleagues, and more importantly your boss.

Working From Home

Writing a Self-Review is a mandatory step in most companies’ promotion cycles. Writing the Self-Review itself unveils a lot of challenges though. In this blog article, we will cover the most common problems writing this document and provide some tips, so you can nail your next Self-Review.

The Promotion Process

As mentioned, nearly every company has a process to promote employees. On one hand, bigger companies might have promotion cycles that occur twice per year or in any kind of cycle. On the other hand, smaller companies might have an informal process where the initiation of the process might get triggered by the…

Kevin Peters

Full-Stack Developer @klarna with a passion for React, Vue.js, JavaScript and .NET Core, also doing Python/Django development.

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